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Why I decided to switch to from iOS to Android.

(But Didn’t) Now I’ve never been a fan of the cheaply built, plastic phones typical in the Android world. And when I’ve tried to get excited about high-end Samsung devices in particular, I’ve found the user interface to be horribly … Continue reading

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Is the new iPhone 5s fingerprint reader secure?

(Originally published on TechVibes) As I have some background in the space, several people have asked me about Apple’s new fingerprint replacement for your phone PIN. Other that the Thinkpads, which were hobbled by poor integration due to the complexity … Continue reading

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How not to complete a triathlon

I “successfully” completed my first triathlon today. I was anxious owing to not having great idea of what I was in for — or more accurately having reasonable uncertainty as to my ability to complete the event. Having looked for … Continue reading

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Universal Number? Yes!

Unified Communications (UC) was meant to decouple my selection of device to receive a call on from the number you need to dial to reach me. It’s finally arrived for me, but in a most unexpected manner. It’s idiotic that … Continue reading

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What does a VC look for in financial statements?

A good friend and repeat entrepreneur recently asked me what we look for when reviewing the financial statements of a prospective investment. While it certainly depends on stage and business model, we do see a dramatic difference in approach from … Continue reading

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Delorme InReach vs SPOT

I’ve used the SPOT satellite messenger since it came out several years ago with great success. While I wholeheartedly recommend it, I will say that it really requires some thought to establish exactly how you’re going to use it with those following … Continue reading

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Starbucks and Square

I find two things interesting having watched “the big interview” with Howard Shultz and Jack Dorsey last night. First, the complete lack of vision expressed by both iconic leaders. I expected to hear them wax eloquently and in unison about the … Continue reading

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