33Across Becomes a Social Data Powerhouse

Eric Wheeler has done an incredible job of building 33Across. By incredible, I mean that on modest capital and in a far shorter period of time than his competitors, he has established leading marketshare and a compelling, unique positioning in category. Specifically, 33Across has a first rate team and has built and proven the most impressive Brand Graph targeting algorithms in the industry.

Brand Graph-based targeting has emerged as a powerful technique for marketers to place their message in front of people who care, with the corresponding benefit that as users, we’re saved the noise of advertising that has no relevancy. But the quantity and breadth of data required to drive these sophisticated algorithms is mind-boggling. This is the basis of the hook-up between 33Across and Tynt.

Tynt’s network of publisher partners through which data is collected is about the best there is along with the expansive data sets that a Google or Facebook have. We at Tynt predicted that independent sources of data able to meet high-value applications would be incredibly valuable.

The decision to sell Tynt at this time, versus building out a business on top of our core data assets came down to focusing on strengths. Tynt’s relentless focus has been on scaling to countless billions of data points every month.

After spending time with Eric’s team and watching first hand how they operate, our board chose to get a deal done with 33Across despite having multiple alternative offers.  We believe this moves Tynt forward 18 months and takes away the risk of getting to the front of the pack.

iNovia is proud to be part of the 33Across investor group moving forward.

01.24.12 Release: 33Across acquires Social Publishing Giant Tynt
01.25.12 VentureBeat: Social ad startup 33Across buys Tynt, taps into the power of copy and paste
01.25.12 TechCrunch: 33Across Acquires Tynt to Become Social Data Powerhouse 01.25.12 AllThingsD: Social Ad Guys 33Across Buy Copy/Paste Guys Tynt


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