Was there a mail strike? I didn’t notice

Apparently Canada Post went on strike. When I was a kid, that was a big deal. But since we only check our mailbox once a week now, I really didn’t notice this time. The only effect of the strike is to force the realization that mail is no longer an essential service. The vast majority of real mail is now electronic and couriers do an excellent job with the remnants. Direct marketing is not a government service! Happily, cp notionally operated at a profit last year despite a $250m drop in revenue. Unfortunately they would need a dozen such years to clear the unfunded pension liability that will otherwise come back to taxpayers. Labour practices are appallingly out of touch with reality with seven week vacations, “sick days” having become a euphemism for another three weeks vacation, pension plans and other perks gone from the real work for a decade or more. As revenues continue to plummet we need to aggressively get this non-essential service in sync with 21st century reality!

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1 Response to Was there a mail strike? I didn’t notice

  1. I noticed. My wife had recently died, and I was waiting for the Coroner’s Report and the Police Report in order to apply for a Grant of Administration to start dealing with the estate.

    A person could certainly argue that there’s no longer a reason for these sorts of documents to be sent through Canada Post, but they are, and that is not up to me. Perhaps this won’t be true in a few years; a number of lawyers are moving toward electronic signatures, for example. But at the moment, Canada Post remains an essential service in some circumstances.

    The Canada Post strike delayed the estate issues by several weeks and cost me hundreds of dollars. And let’s not even discuss the fact that they routinely lose about 5% of my mail, despite repeated complaints. Canada Post is a dinosaur, but one I unfortunately still need to deal with.

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