First 10,000km in a Ford 150

It’s October now and I realize that I’ve only driven my sports car once this year. I live in the country and need a 4WD truck. I used to keep an old truck as a second vehicle, but nine months of owning a “real” truck (aka mobile office) have spoiled me. A quiet, comfortable and safe ride with air conditioning, handsfree phone calls, satellite radio make me wonder why I would ever spend more than $32,000 on any new vehicle. It has become our family, utility, run-around and highway vehicles all in one.

It has exhibited nary a snag so my first trip to the dealer finally came for an oil change and checkup. The bill? $63. Sixty three dollars including tax. Not that I’m extrapolating this to future maintenance but this is a delight.

The (albeit optimistic) dash computer claims I’m using an average of 11 l/100km on regular octane fuel. A dime a kilometre for fuel is about the same as insurance and a fraction of depreciation.

The cold hard reality is that fuel costs need to triple to put the right perspective on environment costs as part of the total cost of operating a vehicle.

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