Adobe Digital Editions

I tried out “Adobe Digital Editions” on my MacBook Air, the reader required to read Adobe eBooks borrowed from the Calgary Public Library (and other libraries). I borrowed “The 10 Rules of Sam Walton, by Michael Bergdahl”.

Unusable. Absolutely unusable.

Regrettably, these protected books can’t be read on an iOS or kindle device and a laptop with Adobe’s abysmal software is the only option.

I find it unusable for two reasons;

1. The book is presented in a window with multiple distracting toolbars and cannot be made to fill the screen. At this reduced size, text is unreadable and cannot be made larger. The only view which works, “page width”, makes the text too large and I need to scroll down through each page, requiring multiple interactions before flipping. Scrolling is jumpy and the whole process interrupts my ability to “get into the book”. It looks like a great book but I wasn’t able to get past page 5.

2. The software, even when not active, chews up significant processor time, draining the battery quickly and causing the fans to spin up.

It would be great if the kids could borrow digital library books with our Calgary Library membership.

Not yet.

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